How to Use Roach Motels

Best Use: Control light to medium roach infestations in your home. Also traps waterbugs, palmetto bugs, spiders and scorpions!

Use Tips: Place Roach Motels near walls or corners, under sinks, in cabinets, or behind appliances such as your refrigerator and other areas where roaches live and breed. If after 3 days, you have not trapped any insects, move Roach Motels to a different location. Roach Motel will tell you if you have a roach problem and how bad it is. If a Roach Motel trap is filled with more than 15-20 roaches within 24 hours, you have a heavy infestation and should consider calling a professional exterminator.

Does DDT work on Roaches?

Does DDT Pesticide kill roaches?  I don’t think so.  DDT was originally created as an industrial agriculture pesticide, and though it may work on cockroaches, it is extremely hard to get and is considered toxic by many in the media and in the common perception of most people.

Kill Roaches with Traps

The cockroach is the most disgusting insect there is. And some people say they cause cancer. Whether they cause cancer or not, the truth is that these bugs are anti-hygienic and we do not want them around.

·   Make sure you buy a  Professional Bait Gel (not like the stuff you get at the grocery store)
·    This bait Provides Fast Control for German roaches in 2 days
·    You can Kill roaches in two ways by eating and contact
·    Kills large roach populations in 8 days
·    Also kills the large roach such as American, Smokey-Brown and Oriental
·    Buy a bait that Contains 0.01% Fipronil