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how-to-kill-roachesIt has been said, that by the time you see a roach, you are already infested. Roaches are disgusting, germ spreading and among the hardest pest to get rid of. Still the earlier you detect and attack the problem, the more likely you will be to Get Rid of Roaches or at least control the infestation.

Roaches breed and reproduce sexually. Female roaches, after male fertilization, can carry between 50-100 eggs. Most American household roaches carry approximately 50 eggs. After hatching the roaches become adults in about 3 months. The average roach lives about one year and can reproduce as many as 6-8 times in its life. This means a single female roach can produce as many as 400 new babies each year.

Consider then if 100 adult female roaches were laying eggs in your home, unchecked they would produce 40,000 roaches a year. And, that is without counting the fact that after the first batch is hatched, in 3 months all of the females will have begun to also lay eggs. In any case, you can see that if you are infested, unless something is done, you will find yourself completely overrun in a matter of months.

Roaches are communal, this means they share a nest and food. Usually eggs are laid in the communal area. Whatever method you choose to Get Rid of Cockroaches in your home, must include a way to get to the nest and kill the eggs and/or larvae. A good pesticide will allow scavenger roaches to carry poison back to the nest to eliminate them all.

The first thing you must do for Cockroach Control is to find out if you have roaches, and what is the extent of the infestation. Roaches tend to hide during the day, and make their foraging runs at night. You may need to catch them in the act, so to say, by sneaking into the kitchen with a flashlight, or overturning hanging pictures or other wall mounted items.

You can look in cupboards and pantries, or behind appliances for tiny brown stains or pellets, which are their droppings. Few droppings means fewer roaches, and is a sign of an early infestation. Lots of droppings probably means you have a big roach problem. Check your home for broken seals or cracks from which roaches may have entered. Seal any cracks or holes to prevent future entry of roaches and other insects.

There are many methods of killing roaches, from hiring experts, to do-it-yourself poisons. But, you not only want to kill the pests, you want to prevent them from coming back. In the following pages, you will learn how to rid yourself of these filthy creatures and keep them from coming back into your home.